How often do you think about the pipes weaving their way underneath your home? If you’re like the typical homeowner, it’s probably not very often. They do their job day in and day out, until one day, they don’t, and you need a plumber near La Cañada Flintridge for emergency repairs.

Maybe this situation sounds familiar to you, and you’ve repeated the process numerous times. In that case, it may be time to explore a pipe replacement.

A pipe replacement is not a simple task. In fact, it may seem daunting, but it is necessary to efficiently restore your plumbing. How can you tell if you need a standard plumbing repair or repiping? Keep reading to learn the signs to watch for when deciding whether it’s time for a pipe replacement.

What Is a Pipe Replacement? 

Pipes are typically installed during the initial construction or remodeling of your home. They circulate hot and cold water through your home and remove waste products through the underground pipes.

When they become damaged or deteriorate, they are removed and replaced with new ones to restore your plumbing. This service is also known as repiping.

Signs You Need a Repipe 

If you know the signs of irreparable damage, you know when to call a professional plumbing company. From there, they can determine which pipes should be replaced. Below are some of the common signs you need a repipe.

Persistent Clogs

Yes, every home will eventually experience a clog that will require a plumber near La Cañada Flintridge. But when it’s a repeat problem, there may be a more significant issue.

Homes with pipes 50 years or older have difficulty handling toilet paper and are more likely to clog. If your home has been plagued with clogs or blockages, this could indicate that your home needs comprehensive repiping services.

Leaky Pipes 

There are many reasons why you may have leaky pipes. But it could be a sign that there is a big issue that needs addressing. You could have leaks within the foundation, ceiling, or walls. Without immediate action, you could be faced with extensive and costly repairs.

Leaky pipes are a telltale sign that a repiping specialist is needed for an inspection.

Pipes that Make Strange Noises 

The movement of water through your pipes will create some noise. However, you should never ignore loud, pronounced sounds. Normal wear and tear cause internal flaws in old pipes, making the water’s route less smooth. As the water moves through them, it can make a funny noise, indicating that they need replacing.

Less Water Pressure 

When pipes begin to deteriorate, they eventually lose pressure. You may notice that the water pressure in your shower isn’t as intense as it once was or that it is lower at the sink. The pipes could be in the early stages of deteriorating or have already started to fail.

Odorous Water 

Lousy tasting or foul-smelling water is always an issue you should address. Any deviation from your normal water could indicate that your home needs a pipe replacement.

Corroded Pipes 

Most plumbing is hidden beneath your home. However, some pipes may be above ground near the outside of the house or in the basement. If there is rust on any of them, you can bet that the hidden pipes are just as rusty and need replacing.

Rust isn’t the only sign, though. You may also notice:

  • Peeling pipes
  • Stained pipes
  • Discolored pipes

These signs warrant a visit from an experienced plumber near La Cañada Flintridge.

Unexplained Damp Spots 

Have you found a random water stain along your wall or floor? It could be from your pet or kids. But another possible reason is that you have old, leaky pipes. Unexplained wet spots are often caused by problematic old pipes rather than a playful puppy or child.


Mold is never a good sign, so prepare yourself if you see mold around the floorboards or the base of your walls. You probably have a leaky pipe that requires a pipe replacement.

Pipe Replacement Process 

Once it’s been determined that a repiping is necessary, the contracted plumbers may need to remove a portion of the wall to access essential pipes. After the damaged or outdated lines are removed, the new lines are placed using one of two possible methods.

The first option is to install the pipes utilizing the existing configuration. If needed, the plumbing company can help you design a brand-new plumbing system.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Plumber

Some projects, like pipe replacement, are better left to the experienced technicians. While the DIY replacement may save you a few bucks in the short term, it increases your chances of needing more extensive repairs. Hiring an experienced plumbing company will save you time, energy, and money.

Damage resulting from DIY projects typically isn’t covered under homeowners insurance. But hiring a skilled, licensed, and insured plumber will provide you with a safety net. If anything goes wrong during the repiping, their insurance will pay for the additional repairs.

Let Us Solve Your Pipe Replacement Needs 

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