Learning about which home plumbing problems are within your abilities to resolve is a great idea to help homeowners understand the limits of DIY plumbing and when it’s time to call in a professional. Here’s a list of ideas and projects that are generally considered beyond the scope of DIY due to their complexity, safety concerns, or potential for significant damage if done incorrectly:

Major Pipe Modifications

Any project that requires cutting into your home’s main water line or significantly altering the plumbing system should be left to professionals. This includes re-routing sewer pipes or extending water lines.

Gas Line Plumbing

Work on gas lines is extremely hazardous and requires specialized knowledge and tools. Incorrect installation or repairs can lead to leaks and potentially catastrophic consequences.

Sewer Line Repairs or Replacement

Sewer line work often involves dealing with waste, requiring permits, and specialized equipment to diagnose or repair, such as sewer line cameras and trenchless repair tools.

Water Heater Replacement or Major Repairs

Due to the complexities of dealing with electrical and gas connections, as well as the potential for leaks and water damage, replacing or repairing water heaters is best left to experts.

Installation of New Fixtures with New Plumbing Lines

While replacing like-for-like fixtures might be within the scope of a skilled DIYer, installing new fixtures that require running new plumbing lines often requires knowledge of building codes and permits.

Dealing with Lead or Galvanized Pipes

If your home has older plumbing, such as lead or galvanized pipes, working on them not only requires special handling and disposal methods but also an understanding of how to replace or repair them safely.

Main Line Stoppage

Clearing a main line stoppage typically requires heavy-duty tools that most homeowners do not have. Additionally, if not done correctly, there can be a risk of damaging the pipes or creating a mess in your home.

Remodeling Involving Plumbing Changes

Any renovation that involves moving plumbing fixtures or requires changes to the existing plumbing layout necessitates a deep understanding of plumbing systems and local building codes.

Any Project Requiring a Permit

If a plumbing project requires a permit, this is a good indication it’s beyond DIY. Permits are usually necessary for work that involves significant changes to the plumbing system, indicating complexity and legal requirements.

Working on the Exterior Water Service Line

Repairing or replacing the line that connects your house to the municipal water supply is complex and often requires excavation. This type of work is best left to professionals who have the right tools and knowledge.

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