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Gas Leak Repair Van Nuys

Gas lines are an integral component of any home. They make sure you have an uninterrupted supply of gas to your home in every season. However, if one neglects proper care and maintenance, a gas leak can result.

The dangers of a gas leak are significant – sickness, pipe bursting, fire hazards, etc. It’s essential to contact a Van Nuys gas leak expert as soon as possible whenever you suspect that your gas line could be leaking. 

What Are Signs of a Gas Leak?

Many homeowners have no idea of how to identify a gas leak. Nonetheless, it’s essential to understand some of the common warning signs to help ensure the safety of your family. Here are the most common symptoms of gas leaks:

  • Reduced appliance efficiency – If your gas appliances are not working as expected, the gas supply could be the problem. Call a gas leak expert in Van Nuys to inspect the lines before you try to light the appliance manually.
  • Dead vegetation in your yard – Natural gas can be harmful to plants. If you notice dead vegetation around your home, it could be a result of an unnoticed gas leak.
  • Increased energy bills – Always be on the lookout for any abnormal increase in energy bills. It could be a sign of a significant underlying problem.
  • Hissing sounds – Gas pipes are highly pressurized. When they are damaged in any way, they can result in a hissing noise that generally comes from behind walls and appliances.
  • Health issues – Gas pipe leaks can lead to health issues, such as dizziness, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, and fainting.

Whenever you identify these signs in your home, evacuate and call a gas leak repair service as soon as possible.

How Dangerous Is a Gas Leak?

Natural gas is highly flammable. A massive leak in your home could easily cause a fire or explosion. This can be devastating for your family, causing injury or even death for anyone in the house.

While small leaks have minimal chance of causing a fire or explosion, they can still result in other kinds of damage. For example, they can cause headaches and nausea. Moreover, when the gas doesn’t burn off properly, it can emit carbon monoxide, which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning and other health issues.

Should I Call a Plumber for a Gas Leak?

Whenever you suspect a gas leak, it’s advisable to call plumbers rather than city personnel. Plumbers, like Make-It-Drain, are usually more responsive and quicker. They’ll locate and fix the cause of the leak in no time.

Besides professional drain cleaning, plumbing technicians can also perform the following gas line services:

  • Gas leak testing
  • Gas leak detection
  • Gas pipe repair

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Make-It-Drain has a team of expert plumbers and gas fitters who are ready to help with gas leaks and repairs in the Van Nuys area. If you suspect a leak in your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  

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